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My attraction and curiosity for precious stones and artistic gold

works began when I was a child, looking at - and not touching! - my mother’s-sapphire brooch. This is one of my first childhood memories.

So, at nine I told my parents that I wanted to be a goldsmith and at thirteen, they sent me to an art school where I studied history and theory of the visual arts. Every day, after school, I worked as an apprentice in the workshop of Master goldsmith, Gino, near the Trevi fountain. There I learned by doing, by working the gold with my hands understanding what it really means to be an artisan.

With my parents, Giuseppe and Rosa, and my Master, Gino, when I worked at his jewelry store

My master also sent me to the workshops of other masters so that I could gain a broader perspective of the goldsmith's art and could begin to discern my own style. At the age of twenty, supported by my family and with the daily collaboration of my father, Giuseppe - who has been next to me every working day of my life till last year - I was able to open my first store.

And today, after almost thirty years, I am still here, in the center of Rome, because my passion for what I do and for my city remains strong.

During my career, I have been invited to take part in various exhibitions of my sector - such as "Oro di Roma" and "Desideri Preziosi", organized by the Municipality of Rome and the Rome Chamber of Commerce - and international fairs.

In 2008, I received the recognition of the Province of Rome for Artistic Craftsmanship for Museum Merchandising and since 2016 I have been part of the Catalog of Roman Excellencies.